I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, but it was our annual trips to both the Jersey shore and Florida which forged my fascination with the ocean. While other kids were playing in the sand, I remember sitting on the beach with my sketchbook and drawing the water in front of me, envisioning treacherous storms at sea and prowling sharks below the surface. After high school, I attended an art school outside of Philly, but switched over to Penn State University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Art degree. In 2012, after spending nearly every summer in Florida since the early 1970's, my family and I relocated permanently to the sunshine state.

Today, I continue to pursue my passion of art. The reoccurring themes in my work include: sharks and sea-life; storms; life in Florida - at the beach, at the theme parks, and beneath the waves; and anything I find interesting. All of my original paintings are created with seawater or rainwater, depending on the subject. I specifically use ocean or rainwater from the particular place I'm painting.
For prints, I continue this thought by signing the print with seawater or rainwater from the particular location. For example, for my Jaws movie-inspired paintings and prints, I use ocean water collected from the coast of Martha's Vineyard, where the 1975 film was shot.

In addition to traditional brushes, I use improvised painting implements - including seashells, sponges, fossil shark teeth, seabird feathers, and driftwood - to create each traditional-style piece. I enjoy painting in different styles, and combining different mediums. I like to experiment and am always looking to create something unexpected.

In my spare time I enjoy the three S's - surfing, sailing, and scuba diving, and when the waves are calm, I like to take my sketch book or canvas out on my board with me for a new perspective. I also like to travel and visit new places around the state of Florida - which has countless towns and beaches to explore and paint.

In addition to painting, I'm also an author of undersea mysteries, including "A Sword for Pizarro," and the forthcoming sequel "Devil Ray." Signed copies are available here or clicking on the book cover or banner below.

Dive Into an Undersea Mystery



“A Sword for Pizarro combines the maritime adventure of Clive Cussler, the breezy escapism of Jimmy Buffett, and the
 witty mystery of Robert B. Parker...”
- Lost Treasure Magazine

“A Sword for Pizarro is a must read for everyone who has dreamed of sunken gold or the thrill of strapping on a tank and challenging
the world’s oceans! I hope there is a sequel.”
- Mike Ange, author of Diver Down 

"Marshall Cross is a fun hero with a wry sense of humor about the world and about himself." 
- Writer's Digest 

"A Sword for Pizarro has as many thrills as a roller coaster." 
- Cindy Vallar, Pirates & Privateers 

"A Sword for Pizarro sparkles... prepare to be entertained and captivated." 
- Kim Cool, Scene Magazine 

"I had a heck of a time reading it. I can truthfully say that I would rather read Ryan than Cussler."
-Dr. E. Lee Spence, underwater archaeologist and discoverer of the H. L. Hunley wrecksite

"This could easily be a seried and I would read every book in it."
-Reed Nescher, Two Tanked Productions

"Divers, treasure hunters, and anyone who enjoys a good thriller will love A Sword for Pizarro... I give it 2 fins up!" 
- Greg The Divemaster, Host of ScubaRadio

“This is a true thriller, like recovering gold from the bottom of the ocean.”
- Bob "Frogfoot" Weller, author of 9 books on Sunken Treasure